It’s Controlling Me!

Ok, so, my fancy-schmacy iphone is to blame!  No, really, it runs me so much that I keep that thing in my pocket at all times – in fact it fell out of my back pocket and into the toilet just this week!  (and in case you are wondering, yes… the water was clean!) So, it runs me, alerts me, distracts me, entertains me, and lets me do shopping!  It’s a great thing, right?!?!

I wish I could say yes, but I know deep down that is doing more harm than good.  So, how is this controlling for me?  Well, I had to think hard about this, but what it is doing is allowing me to use the crutch of my phone to determine priority levels of certain things.  For example, I get a text message and I feel the need to reply right away, or I get an alert from facebook that someone has written on my timelines – GOTTA SEE WHO THAT WAS!  Or even my newest favorite app – Poshmark!  (consignment store shopping from my phone!!!!!)  Meanwhile, as I am checking these things – to remain informed of course – I lose out on things that God has put splat in front of me.  I could me spending more time in my bible, in conversations with my children, husband, family and the list goes on and on and on…

Going forward, I need to use these “shiny” things for the tools they were intended for and not let this control me!  Trust me, I have had these days where I think I literally could not live without my iphone but in writing this, I think my life would be much simpler without it!  I would be forced to have that quiet time or be free from distractions! 

As I move on with my day, a verse keeps coming to mind….Proverbs 19:22  Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.  Just another reminder that God is in control, despite how I may act day to day.  So, time to get on track and put God first, eliminate the distractions and let God control everything!