The Right Time

The Right Time


So, how many times have you turned down something because it was the wrong time?  How many times have you thought about writing that card or sending that handwritten note, but it wasn’t the right time?  How many times do you intend to read your bible, but the time was not right?  How many times did your brain flip through twelve thousand great ideas while you were showering, but it wasn’t the right time?  Or, how many times have you meant to say something encouraging to someone or thank them, but time ran out?


I know…me too!  Too many to count and it is certainly a daily occurrence in my life.  It’s not something I am proud of, but sometimes it just seems not the right time, or honestly,  I forget. 🙂  That mental to-do list has failed me yet again!


But know that you are not alone!!!  Time is down-right precious to me and just about every minute of my waking hours are planned out and NOT because I am OCD about planning – I’d prefer a much simpler, stressed less life, where my timing is ALWAYS right. However, I know better and know that I have to do the best with what I have and always look for those divine appointments to be radically obedient to Him.


Waiting for the right time to say yes to God, could take an entire lifetime if I allow those wheels to spin too long and look for the excuses as to why the time isn’t right.  That is why I must embrace the “here and now” and seek out every opportunity to serve Him and glorify His name.   When I hear His voice nudging me, do it.  No regrets, no questions, no fears of embarrassment. Period.  What if He thought about us in that way?  What if He was only obedient to us when His time was right?


I know this may be a total direction shift, but do so in knowing that we are His.  Nothing tangible we have here is really ours – it belongs to Him.  It’s our perception of these “things” and how we use them to glorify Him with the right time and the actions we take to serve Him say yes to God.


Here is a song I’d love for you to hear.  Read and re-read the chorus with our discussion about saying Yes to God fresh in your mind.  Is your time now?  What are you waiting for?



If you are waiting for the right time,

the right time will fly right by you,

Always planning,

never moving,

always praying,

never doing.

It ain’t living if you are just spending your life

waiting for the right time.


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